Paddy Kelly and Paddy Maher started out in 1999. Since then, they have become a popular duo in celtic music. Both musicians are versatile, both vocally and instrumentally.

The 2 Paddy’s bring a more traditional flavour to their Irish music which include tunes, ballads and some of the usual old Irish favourites. Certainly a duo to relax to and enjoy.

Paddy Kelly

Paddy Kelly plays fiddle and guitar, along with bodhran, long neck banjo and penny whistle on occasion. After growing up in Ottawa, his first professional group was the Descendants, (not related to the current Irish Descendants). In 1982, he joined a group called the Brigadoons, a Scottish group from Glengarry County and was with them full time until 1997, but continues to play with them on occasion today. He currently resides in Glengarry County, Ontario and continues to entertain crowds for all occasions.

Paddy has also had the privilege of being inducted into the Glengerry Celtic Music Hall of Fame in May of 2007.

Paddy Maher

Paddy Maher plays several instruments, which include guitar, bass and Irish bouzouki. He has played in a variety of groups – country to blues to rock – but always returns to his Irish roots. In the late 80’s and early 90’s he played as a member of the Ottawa based trio, Brandy N’Port and also currently plays with Bobby Watt and Ecosse.


The Celtic Duo

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