Here is a couple of clips from our local newspaper, The Glengarry News, about our new 20th anniversary CD launch set for March 3rd.


Managed to make it through another St Paddy’s weekend! Here are a few pics from the weekend. Enjoyed playing with Mr Pat Maher on Thursday in Ottawa and Friday in Buckingham. Thanks to Ken MacMillan for having us back once again. Thanks to our good friends Cleary Morris, Sonny Quinn and Ron for getting up for a few songs. And to the Buckingham Choir!! Fun was had by all!
Oh, and liz Elizabeth Cooley Byrne, a friend of yours popped by to say hello! Was very nice to meet Lynne Orwell and Dan Somers.
A great weekend overall!

Well, the pre St Paddy’s day weekend was a lot of fun.  First, thanks to Nick for having us at the John Street Pub in Arnprior. A special thanks to Cat for running the sound. It was a great venue to play and thanks to all those who came out.

We continued on to Dacre on Saturday and the Douglas Tavern.  Thanks to both Cath and Evelyn for having us along once again. It was a great bit of fun.

It was also great running into our good friends, Bang On The Ear. Don’t get much of a chance to sit and chat for a while!  Special thanks the the Brooks B&B for hosting us!   Looking forward to next weekend.

Thanks to Tracey Blanchfield-D’Aviero for having us at the Osgoode Family Ball Tournament. Here are a couple of pics I managed to get! A long running fund raiser for some great causes!

Lots of fun and great food at the Hearty/Quinn reunion last Saturday. Thanks to Sonny and Fern for having us. The kids really got into the music and there were a few great little step dancers as well.  It was fun..

Well, we made it through another St. Patrick Day for 2016! We would like to thank Rosemary O’Brien for having us at the Brigid’s Irish Cultural Centre and Ken MacMillan for the great gang and patrons in Buckingham, QC!  We even had a few Glengarrians come out and join in the fun!! Thanks Cleary for singing a few..always fun!

Pre St. Patrick’s Day Fun!  Here are some random photo’s from our weekend gigs! Thanks to Nick at Coco Jarry’s, the DACA centre in Dacre and of course Evelyn at the Douglas Hotel in Douglas. Great bunch of folks and a lot of fun as usual. That includes you as well Sonny!

Some random pics to enjoy!!




The Celtic Duo

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